Battlestations Pacific Game for PC Windows, Mac, and Xbox 360

Battlestations Pacific

Experience one war through two epic sagas where you will be a part of history or change it. Feel the power of the historically authentic and decisive battles of the Pacific War. Relive some of the grandest and most critical naval battles of recent history and for the first time, choose to lead your fleet to a completely different ending to the war. You will need intelligence and expertise to plan your moves and constantly remain one step ahead of the enemy. With both strategy and action at your command truly anticipate your opponent’s every move and turn the tide of war.

Release Date: 12th May 2009

Available on: Mac, Xbox 360, Windows, PC Download

Critics Rating: 3.7/5

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  • Twice The Size: Lead the US and Japanese forces in two massive campaigns to relive or rewrite history with up to 28 missions to play through! 
  • Master Your Fleet: Command and take direct control of over 100 authentic and prototype air, sea and undersea units including fighters, bombers, kamikaze planes, cruisers, destroyers, aircraft carriers, submarines and lots more!! 
  • New Level Of Realism: Experience a new level of visual realism where the Pacific Ocean and its chains of islands truly come to life. Immerse yourself in the action with the all new cockpit view. 
  • Take The Battle Online: Challenge your friends in 5 completely new and engaging multiplayer modes and take part in large online battles featuring up to 100 units!!


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Battlestations Pacific is developed by Eidos Hungary.

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