Airport Madness Game

Airport Madness is a Busy Game if You're Feeling Lazy

Seeing as this unique game focuses on managing planes, it comes as no surprise that the creator's inspiration comes from his old project, titled "Air Traffic Controller".

The planes arrive on their own and will attempt to park without waiting for your go signal. You also have no idea how many are en route to land on your runway so you will have to be able to make decisions on the fly. While there is no time limit for departures to take place, you will have to be efficient in lining them up if you want to avoid a game over.

There are no overly complicated controls to learn in Airport Madness. Basically, the mouse is your best friend and all you will have to do is to left click on a plane to open its available options. If the aircraft is approaching the taxi, you may ask it to either Go Around or tell it that it is Clear to Land. If it is currently parked, you may ask it to Taxi to Departure Runway or Line Up on Runway. After it has reached the correct position for takeoff, you may choose the Cleared for Takeoff option or use the Stop for All Runways command to avoid any mishaps.

Speaking of mishaps, you cannot let the airport get chaotic. You only get three chances before your career as an air traffic controller is over. The actual status counter is labeled "Mishaps" and it refers to the number of collisions that occur under your watch. Avoid these explosive problems and you get to earn some cash. While there is no upgrade system implemented in this title, the wages serve as your total points earned.

You start out with $30,000. Cash will be added or subtracted depending on your job performance. Be efficient and you will walk away with a high score while sitting idly by while planes collide or wait too long will cost you. Finish a stage and the next one will give you a different airport to manage and be challenged with.

Overall, the simple yet novel concept makes for an interesting game. Unfortunately due to its execution, it has a tendency to be unbearably boring as well. It is a good distraction for times when you want to work a game into multitasking but on its own it tends to be quite slow paced.

We liked how planes fly themselves. However, if you do not risk a takeoff, the game can run on its own too. Without upgrades implemented, there is no real reason to go crazy about collecting money unless you just want to top your own score.

Perhaps with unique aircraft, set missions or even priority passengers, the next Airport Madness from Big Fat Simulations will bustle with life.

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