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What We Want to See in Airport Madness 5

Initially, Airport Madness has been just a bare bones air traffic control game. The pace was unbearably slow and the challenge was almost nonexistent. Thankfully, with every installment, the games get more and more sophisticated. Now, the planes are speedier, the airport layouts are more challenging to manage and there are plenty of trophies and emergencies to keep you busy. It is not all perfect though and there are a few things which can make a sequel even more stellar. Read On...

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We love the improved, varying aircraft speeds. Emergencies are also a welcome distraction from the main mechanics. But what about bringing that a notch higher?

Perhaps some random occurrences would liven up the straightforward traffic managing. The ability to interact with airport personnel, clearing the runway of birds or stray bag carts may make the game more hectic but it would definitely add more realism to the scenarios.

Another random occurrence would be unpredictable weather changes. This may slow down incoming traffic or encourage you to rush them out before a storm hits, lest you risk the mood meter (and your paycheck) going down.

Other than that, there are a few things we would like to see retained, yet perfected, in the next game. For starters, we really loved the personality choices implemented in Airport Madness 4. However we feel that maybe there should be more choices for female air traffic controllers. Perhaps separating the avatar choices from the perks would expand on the feature's versatility.

Being able to place upgrades on the perks of the air traffic controllers would surely give some incentive for newer players to try harder difficulties with their leveled up bonuses. That being said, upgrades to the actual airport would also be interesting to explore. A way to fully upgrade a stage would make replaying that level satisfyingly manageable for those who simply want to kick off their shoes and relax.

As for the basic game play, we really wouldn't change a thing. The option to tone down or amp up incoming traffic is already versatile enough. The modes ensure that you know what you're in for and interactions with pilots and staff keep you in the know.

What we would like to see added to that are aircrafts that simply pass by and are not attempting to dock at the airport. Mobile docking stations are also a great alternative to the usual "park anywhere" concept. Lastly, the ability to choose from a few audio tracks could help you get and stay in the mood while managing air traffic.

On the off-chance that a spin-off is on the horizon, a change of scenery would definitely be welcome. Period scenarios would bring army helicopters into the mix. Sci-fi settings would introduce pandemics, the undead or even UFOs into the mix. With its niche appeal the possibilities are basically endless for the Airport Madness series. Regardless of what is in store in the next Airport Madness, we will definitely be there to play it.

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