Airport Madness 2 Game

Airport Madness 2: Better, Faster, More Challenging

An efficient airport takes a lot of work, so rest assured, there will be plenty of things to keep you busy in this game. Planes arrive on their own without the need for prompting but they do need your help to avoid collisions. Aircrafts stop before crossing other runways and you will need to provide permission to do so. Incoming traffic can be told to Reduce Speed or Turn Around. The former allows other planes to clear the runway and the latter makes the plane forego landing. These two commands are particularly useful for tricky situations such as when a crash is imminent.

Parked planes may be given clearance to Taxi to Runway, which brings them to the edge of the area and readies them for immediate takeoff. If you have several aircrafts waiting, you may choose Line Up on Runway so they can all leave at once. Cleared for Takeoff on the other hand gives planes a go signal to leave the airport. Because everything happens all at once, you will have your hands busy timing arrivals and departures.

Thankfully, the controls are easy to learn. Clicking on the planes displays information about the plane (Type, Number of Passengers, Port Departed, Status and Budget) as well as all applicable control options. Menu options may also be displayed by pressing "1" and "2".

So aside from keeping you on your toes, what is the point of Airport Madness 2? Well to earn a lot of in-game money of course. You start off with $30,000 and this can increase or decrease depending on how efficient you are. You get paid for each successful takeoff and when an arriving plane reaches a gate. The value differs depending on how long you have made an aircraft wait. For example, as the clock ticks, a bonus of $2000 goes down until it reaches $0, earning you no money for that flight.

Crashes on the other hand, deduct $10,000 from your salary. A crash will reset your progress for the level and implement the deduction off the bat. After three collisions, you're out and you will be met with a Game Over screen. Every time you "pull up" a plane, you will also get a $1000 deduction but it is a small price to pay as compared to a full on crash.

Do well and you will be able to progress to the next level. This changes the layout of your airport and introduces new elements such as a runway crossing. As compared to the first game, the changes are more apparent and are able to provide a better challenge.

So if you've played the first game should you play this installment? Our answer is yes. If you loved its predecessor then Airport Madness 2 will only make you love the series even more with its faster pace and better looking graphics. Top it off with its familiar game play and you have got a delightful niche title.

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